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 Rules & Classes

General Rules
  1. All decisions made by the Showtime RC Motorsports Official will stand.

  2. Staff and participants are required to maintain self-control and good sportsmanship at all times. The use of foul
    language, stealing, fighting or arguing with officials and other participants is prohibited. All suspected instances of illegal activity will be reported to local authorities as appropriate.

  3. Participants are not allowed to enter the same truck under two different drivers. No truck sharing will be permitted. No switching bodies onto different chassis or vice-versa will be permitted or tolerated. Competitors caught doing this will be disqualified from the entire event.

  4. During the course of the event, it may be necessary to evaluate a vehicle for compliance with event rules.

  5. Showtime RC Motorsport’s officials have the right to request a participant to present their vehicle for inspection. If disassembly is required, the owner will be present to do so under the direction of the Official.

  6. Failure to comply with inspection requests will result in the forfeiture of event standings, event entry fees, and further
    participation in the event.




Qualifying & Racing Rules


*The race course and event format will be discussed in the driver’s meeting. Each participant is required to be present
during the driver’s meeting. Any and all questions can be addressed during this time regarding the events and scoring.


  1. Each participant will qualify their truck(s) on each lane of the race track. The best time will be used to seat the truck
    into the racing bracket. Any truck that does not receive a qualifying time will be given a DNF (Did Not Finish) and
    be placed into the bracket accordingly. Quickest qualifying time will get lane choice in eliminations.

  2. Once a racer has “staged” his/her truck at the starting line, the other racer has one minute to stage his/her truck.

  3. A five minute grace period will be allotted only if the racer encounters a problem at the starting line. Each racer will be
    allowed to receive only 1, five minute grace period per race.

  4. If the truck moves across the staging plane before the green light is illuminated, then the red light will illuminate,
    indicating a false start. This is an automatic DQ, and the other racer will advance automatically to the next round.

  5. Trucks are required to come into contact with obstacles (i.e. crush car ramps or ramps) with any combination of two
    tires.Track Marshaling is not allowed.If your vehicle flips over and can’t be saved by its own power your run is done.

  6. The truck may not hit or come into contact with any part of the timing system or its barricades during the run. If this
    happens, it will result in a DQ.

  7. When trucks are competing and both completes an illegal run, A re-run will take place.If only one truck makes an illegal run
    the opposing truck will be granted the win only by a legal pass.

  8. In the event that all four tires go into the opposing lane, the truck will be disqualified. If only two tires cross, and you
    are able to recover, you are safe.If a driver runs into the opposing lane and makes contact with the opposing truck it will result in a DQ.

  9. In the event that a racer with multiple entries in the same class should have to race themselves, each truck will run one
    at a time on the track in different lanes. The truck that records the fastest lap time will advance to the next round.

  10. In the event that a winning competitor cannot make it back for the FINAL round of racing, the competitor he/she beat
    will be inserted back into the bracket.

  11. No electronic steering assistance will be permitted. Examples: Spektrum Active Vehicle Control, Traxxas Stability

August 5-7 2022

Sponsored classes


(540 size motor cans only)

Motor Limits: No more than (2) brushed motors will be used. The lowest turn brushed motor to be accepted will be a 15 turn. (1) brushless motor will be accepted. The brushless motor will need to be 3800 kv or lower or 10.5 t or higher. 

Battery: (1) 2s hard case lipo battery

Chassis: May be aftermarket, stock, scratch built or any combination of what is listed. This is to be a full tube or full faux tube style chassis that runs the length of the body. A twin vertical plate chassis that resembles a tube style chassis is allowed.  There must be a cage which extends to the roof of the body. Chassis must extend to within 3/4" to the front and rear of the body. Please note that a stock Losi LMT chassis with the stock cage is not legal for this class. 

Tires: Chevron style tires that are made for the Tamiya Clod buster that are mounted on a 2.6" inner/outer Clod buster style wheels. The tire can be used with or without foam inserts. Minimum height is 5.25"  and minimum width is 4". 

Width: Maximum width is 16".

Update: 1 shock per wheel is now allowed

Wheelbase: Maximum wheelbase is 14"

Axles: Vehicle must have (2) solid axles. Vehicle will be 4wd with either 2 or 4 wheel steering. The axles must be shaft driven solid axles which house a ring and pinion gear. Examples of the solid straight axle design are the  Smt-10, Txt, Twin Force, Freestyle RC, LST etc

Transmission: Must be centrally located in the chassis with (2) functional driveshafts.Transmissions which use a center diff will not be allowed. 

Suspension:  Vehicle can have a 3 link suspension (stock wheely king style), 4 link suspension (with or without a panhard bar). Sway bar(s) are allowed but the links need to be mounted to the axle. There can be (1 or 2) shocks per corner that are axle and not mounted to the lower links. Shock shall be an upright design with no more than 1" of rake towards the center of the chassis which is measured lengthwise.  Exception to the dual shock rule is when replicating an actual monster truck that ran single upright shocks. No cantilever designs will be allowed.

Body: Any car or truck lexan body is allowed.

Weight: 9 pounds

Ultra mod was created to give builders a place to put a scale driveshaft truck. Normally a scale truck with a cage and the extra added weight would not be able to compete in pro mod or sport mod due to its top heavy design. The vision for this class is to have builders design a truck that is scale in appearance and speed.  

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